6 Basic Duties Of A Wedding Planner

A wedding is a sacred occasion. Needless to say, there has been a significant drift in the way weddings are planned and organized now. Money is no longer a major constraint for a lot of people. In the busy life of Sydney, no one has enough time to plan and manage a wedding. Wedding planners then come in the picture. It would be impractical to get heavily inspired by a film like the wedding planner and make all arrangements. A wedding planner may make all the arrangements right from fresh flowers in your house to choosing right Perfect wedding venues in Mosman. Here are the basic duties of a wedding planner:

Plan whole events

Event planning is the basic thing a wedding planner do like the name says itself. This is an on table approach where wedding planner decides about every detail. Involvement of client is without any doubt necessary. With mutual consent, wedding planner prepares the theme of the wedding, the arrangements, invitation date, events to happen in wedding, food catering, wedding venue etc. A blueprint of the event is prepared.



Decide venue

This involves beginning of the fieldwork. Choosing the perfect wedding venue is challenging and most important. Some planners have tied up with local Enchanting wedding venues in Manly. This reduces their effort and familiarity with location adds to their advantage.


A party without people is just a vague decoration of flowers and food. A wedding planner takes the list of the guests from the client, prepare most appropriate wedding cards and make arrangements that they are being served to right people.


Good food is the essence of any party. People party for food. Wedding planner ensures the soul of the food is not lost and the dishes are fresh unique and check before you finalize.


People often get bored ina party over the same situationWedding planner should have quantity. He must have tie-ups and make arrangements for stage setting, bar setting, calling celebrities and so on.


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