Cable Ties as Survival Tools


At first, Cable Ties may not seem like the ideal or even partially suitable as survival tools but as you may soon learn that they are in fact quite expedient survival tools. They are so because not only are they lightweight, but they are also cheap. If you are going on camping trip, Cable Ties are perfect to just throw in your camping gear and if and when you need them, they will come in handy. Even if you are not heading out camping, cable ties are still useful to have on hand whenever you need them. For instance, where cable ties can be used for survival measures include:

1. Shelter Making

Out in the wild, if you know how to build a fire or make a shelter, you can ensure your survival. Under such circumstances, cable ties can help you make the perfect shelter. With the help of these ties, you can pull together tarps or other types of fabric even tree sapling to build a basic structure.

2. Repairing of Gear

In case of emergencies, quick reflex keep you sharp and if you are resourceful, you will know how to repair your gear using ties. You can use them to mend a tear in a net or fix a stray strap on a bag.

3. Improvising a Tourniquet

In case you are faced with an injury and you need to make a quick tourniquet, cable ties can come to your aid. In order to stop the bleeding, simply tie a cable tie over the wound.

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