First Aid Mistakes and How to Do Them Correctly!

1. Bleeding won't stop no matter how many times I change the dressing, what now? Tourniquet?

• First and Foremost do not take the blood saturated gauze off, rather add a new layer of gauze and continue to hold pressure. Removing the old gauze just causes any clot that is forming to be removed and the wound needs to start healing all over again.

• Second NEVER put a compression band on a wound. If the wound is large enough to cause concern, then put on a dressing and hold direct pressure on the wound and call 911. The paramedics are trained to help you control the bleeding until you can get to the hospital!

First Aid Mistakes and How to Do Them Correctly!

2. My neighbor's feline pieces me and I will chomp it back!

• Animal chomps and human nibbles alike are an incredible wellspring of microorganisms which can prompt disease. Any nibble that makes the skin break ought to be taken to the Emergency Room and assessed.

• Clean the injury with antibacterial cleanser at the earliest opportunity to get out however many microscopic organisms as could be expected at that point put a perfect dry dressing over it with some anti-microbial balm.

3. I've been drinking brew throughout the day; however, I'm as yet parched!

• Staying hydrated does not mean drinking liquor, espresso, pop or other stimulated refreshments. Stick to water unless you are working or sweating a ton in which case a drink with electrolytes is supported, for example, Powerade, Gatorade and so forth.

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