How to find a good driving lesson school?


Are you looking for a right driving school? If you are facing difficulty in making the right decision, then here are a few points that will help you find a good driving lesson school.

  • The first thing to consider is the driving lesson Ipswich prices. Compare quotesfrom various driving schools. You will find some of them offering low prices but will not guarantee a good driving course. Therefore, it is essential to consider both the package and facilities offered by them. The rates may also depend on the number of hours you would like to take up. Ask for their advice on the number of classes you need to take and negotiate accordingly.
  • Make sure that the instructors at the driving schools have registered as ADI’s. They have a green badge which shows they are completely qualified for being driving instructors. Those who have pink badge indicate they are still under training. Approved driving instructors can only ask for the driving lesson payment.
  • Enquire about the packages provided by the driving schools. Make sure you receive both in-class training as well practical driving experience. In-class training will give you the complete knowledge about the traffic rules and regulation for passing the written test. On the other hand, practical driving lessons will allow you to drive smoothly on the road.
  • The driving school should also make you learn the necessary skills such as driving uphill, parking the car, side as well as reverse parking, changing gears, entering the highway, etc.

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