Important Aspects of Online Backup Systems

An Insight into Important Aspects to be Checked Before Selecting Any Online Backup System

Online backups can be quite helpful in protecting your valuable data. However, you need to select the right options to achieve desired results. Let us go through some important details which will help you make the right selection.

How do online backup functionality works?

online backupIn online backup functionality, there is a client software which runs according to a schedule decided by the end-user. As for example, if a user wants daily backups then the system collects as well as compresses and encrypts data before it is transferred to a server for storage at an interval of 24 hours. 
It is also possible that a service provider will offer incremental backups so saving bandwidth as well as for reducing the time it takes for backing up your data. Such incremental backups are performed after the initial complete backup has been completed.

Online Backup or Backup Disk or Tape?

At the enterprise level, online or cloud backup is usually utilized for data which is of non-critical nature.  In case, there is data that is of critical nature then traditional backup options such as disks or tape prove to be better options since they offer short recovery period for large amounts of data, which would not be possible in case of online backups.Thus, if the need arises to recover a large chunk of critical data within a short period of time then it disk or tape backups will prove to be better options.

Is online backup a feasible option in terms of cost?

Before selecting an online backup provider what you will have to do is check return on investment you will be achieving. As such, you need to look into long-term expenditure of storing your data on the cloud. Ideally, you should do a 5-year projection to fully understand the expenditure you will have to make on cloud backups and accordingly check whether using such service will help your company benefit. You also need to be aware of the fact that pricing models differ from one vendor to another and as such you need to contact a few vendors to get a price estimate and select a vendor offering the best pricing.
Normal pricing model most vendors use is on the basis of gigabytes of data to be backed up on a monthly basis. However, you will also find vendors using the model of sliding scale with criteria about minimum usage and additional transaction costs. So, you need to check all the aspects to select the right vendor.

What are the different types of online backup options?

  • Full 
  • Incremental 
  • Differential
There are different types of backups that are used for backing up data, let us look at them here:
Full Backup: As the name suggests, here entire data is backed up according to a set schedule.
Incremental Backup: Since it can take really long time to perform a full backup, incremental backups can be used for backing up data that has changed after the last backup was taken.
Differential Backup: It is similar to incremental backup with the main difference that here back up is taken from all data which changed from the time the full backup was taken.


To summarize it can be said that online backups can certainly help in protecting your data but you will have to ensure that you are selecting the right option by considering all required aspects. 

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