Oldest Structures You Can Find In Cebu

The Queen City of the South, Cebu, has been heavily urbanized but along with it is an old world charm. You don’t need to leave the city of Cebu to see the underlying rich history as there are numerous buildings and structure that are built from the Spanish and American era that are still standing amidst the many modern tall buildings in this busy metropolis. These are the old structures that you should not miss visiting:

Fort San Pedro

The fort is built on the power of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The fort is located in Plaza Independencia, near pier 1. The fort was originally made out of wood but was later reinforced with stone to protect from the Muslim raiders at that time. The structure dates back 1739 and is the oldest triangular bastion fort in the Philippines.

Fort San Pedro has been used as an army garrison, prison camp, a rebel stronghold, and at some point, it became a city zoo. The old stronghold has been converted into some historical park with a peaceful garden that is perfect for you to escape the chaos of downtown Cebu. There is a 30 pesos entrance fee that comes with an entrance fee to get inside the fort.

Museo De Parian or Jesuit House of 1730

The house was assumed to be built in the year the 1730s. But historian and architects have collected some evidence that indicates that it was built before the said year it was built. It is located in a district of Cebu City, Pari-an and was owned originally by one of the wealthy families of Cebu, the Villa family.

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House

The house is originally owned by a Chinese merchant name Don Juan Yap and his wife Doña Maria Florida and is located near the Jesuit House. The house is unique compared to other ancestral homes because of its architectural design.

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