Pencil Portrait Drawing – Tips for Getting Started

Pencil portrait drawing is an exciting artwork, and with a little artistic ability drawing pen can be learned through training. Just like with most things, “practice makes perfect.” Here are some tips for getting started. If you are searching for finest art workshop in Philippinesyou have come to the right place.

Pencil Portrait Drawing - Tips for Getting Started

The first thing you may want to do is getting drawing paper and pencils. These may range from a regular pen and any paper you may have, to more technical drawing pens and heavy responsibility or textured drawing paper.

It will take some experimentation to find out what tools you prefer to your own style and drawing techniques as you learn how to draw. Professional type drawing pens look much like a typical yellow pencil, but they are rated as to softness and hardness of the lead.

Have a trip to an art supply shop or search online. Amazingly enough, even your neighborhood grocery or pharmacy will commonly have basic drawing equipment within their stationary department. Start looking for a pad of drawing paper with a little texture bigger than the common 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

The slightly larger paper will provide you more room, not just to express yourself, but also to leave “living room” around your pen drawings and portrait sketching. This is one of the secrets to great drawing technique to integrate as you understand how to draw.

Another tool that could be helpful is a fundamental anatomy book. You may find one at the local library or in a second-hand bookstore. Studying muscle structure will provide you an idea of what lies beneath the skin’s surface, and can take your drawings from being amateurish to professional life drawing.

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