The Portable Vacuum Cleaners Info

Portable vacuum cleaners as the name suggests are easy to move around for cleaning tasks. They let you clean up dirt where no electrical outlet is available. These types of vacuum cleaners are available in several different designs to suit particular applications.

The most general of this type is the handheld vacuum cleaner. It is worth mentioning that handheld vacuum cleaners that have power cords are technically, not considered portable vacuum cleaners. Only cordless handheld vacuum cleaners fall under this category of portable vacuum cleaners. Normally they come with separate charging mount kits where you place the portable vacuum cleaner to recharge after its batteries have been spent. These mount kits can be wall mounted too for added convenience.

Typical extras that you will find on most models these days include, but are not limited to, wet and dry capability – allowing your cleaner to suck up fluids along with dirt without damage, and a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter as part of their filtration system.

Another popular type of seemingly portable vacuum cleaner is the in-car vacuum cleaner. In-car because it uses the vehicle battery as a source of power through the cigarette lighter. Because of this, it is wrong to consider this type of cleaner truly portable but instead, simply a handheld vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning the interior of your vehicle.

If you purchase a portable vacuum cleaner you may want to invest in nozzle heads for cleaning crevices if your purchase did not already include one.

There are limitations to what a portable vacuum can and cannot accomplish. The first of these issues being that other vacuum types have up to five times more power and can typically hold much more dirt than a portable vacuum. What portables lack in power they make up for in practicality. You will not have to carry a heavy machine simply to clean a tiny mess.

As much as we would like portable vacuum cleaners to last longer, they cannot maintain sustained cleaning for more than 15 minutes without a recharge; even that duration is high for most portables. The main reason is that those vacuums are power by battery as it’s cordless cleaner.


The Shark SV736K Cordless Hand Vacuum by Euro-pro

This 40 dollar cordless portable cleaner has a base weight of 6.5 pounds with dimensions of 10 inches length x 4 inches width x 6 inches height. The power pack is a 15.6V rechargeable battery and ships with a charger kit. It also has a motorized brush which can be removed. This helps you get at stubborn pet hair or dirt stuck on your couch or carpets and upholstery. Even better is its attachable crevice tool which allows you to easily clean those awkward spots. A washable filter that can be removed comes as standard. The power switch is located just above the handle.

Included on its feature list is an LED indicator to show when the vacuum is charging and when the battery is running low on power. A transparent and convenient dust cup, means it will be easy to clean and you won’t need to buy replacement bags. It carries a one-year limited warranty.

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