Tips For Purchasing Cable Reel Trailer

Most reel trailers last almost for a decade or even more so purchasing them can help you for a long time. Similar to cable drum trailers, reel trailers help in enhancing the productivity of a construction site and provide with efficiency in tasks.

Following are some tips that can help you in selecting the right cable reel trailer for your workplace:

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1. Check features of the trailer

When selecting any kind of machinery you should know the features that will be required for your project. Then select a trailer that has all the necessary specifications, like the size of the trailer, the amount of weight it can hold and other similar aspects. There are many models of trailers available in the market, the price of each model varying according to the features and quality of the products.

2. Exact reel size

It is essential that the buyer should have knowledge about the trailer that will be used in their projects, especially the size of the reel. Most reels may weigh similar but they come in different widths so it is essential to purchase a suitable trailer for the reel size. If you have a trailer that is designed for a 30-inch reel, it may not suitable for a 48-inch haul.

3. Centre hole compatibility

It is essential to check if the centre hole is compatible with the reel bars. One of the most common mistakes made by customers is that they do not check whether the hole is compatible with the reel. Most reels have a diameter of three inches so it becomes a problem when the reels have a bigger diameter.

These are some basic tips. Apart from these you should also check the material that is used to make the reel trailers.

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