Valentine Party Supplies for Your Beloved Teachers

Teachers are considered as an inspiration. Most of the kids in school have their favorite teacher. By giving away handmade valentine decorations and factory direct party supplies on the special day, the bond between the teacher and student can be strengthened. Instead of giving cards or chocolates, student can gift a day journal to convey message to teacher. Importance of a gift is generally increased if it is made with own hand.

Tools required for the day journal


Paper punch along with tags

Material required for the day journal

Teacher tags in print

Normal journal


How to make?

Printable tags for teachers can be downloaded from the internet. Valentine's day decorations and party supplies must be made from the heart every time. Otherwise, they would not come out good.

Heart stamp can be pasted on the journal in order to make it look more interesting. It is better to paste the heart from the corner of the journal. Creativity of a student can be showcased in the process. Every corner of the journal must be filled with a set pattern. The corners need to be uniform.

On the journal, you can attach a pen or pencil with the help of a glitter tape.

Tags can be attached along with the pencil as well.

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