Why is Worldwide Brands So Expensive?

Worldwide Brands is probably the largest and most popular wholesaler and drop shipper directory, with millions of products at trade prices and thousands of suppliers.  But there are good alternatives too, like Doba, Salehoo and Ali Express, so why is Worldwide Brands so expensive – and can that high price really be justified in 2018?

The Alternatives to Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is not the only directory of suppliers that you can to join.  Another leading directory is Salehoo, which has a similar number of suppliers but significantly fewer products.  There's also Doba – which is more of a drop shipping tool but does have about 2 million products that you can buy at wholesale prices and have sent directly to your customers.  Salehoo membership costs $67 per year and Doba starts at $29 a month.

Then there are the online wholesale marketplaces – such as DH Gate and Ali Express.  Both of these are like eBay but for Chinese wholesalers.  They are useful, but offer no guarantees of how reliable suppliers are and shipping times to customers in the United States, as the goods will be sent from China, are very long.  These marketplaces are free to join.

Is $299 A Reasonable Price for Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is by far the best directory of suppliers – with the most products, the most suppliers, the highest levels of supplier verification, and full eBay certification.

When you take into account what Worldwide Brands offers over and above the competition, while it's the most expensive option it is also the best value for money.

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